Darcy’s Story

Darcy's Story Darcy’s Story by Janet Aylmer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Here’s the next of the Darcy “during-quels” that I’ve just finished. This one also starts just before Georgiana’s escapade with Wickham and ends just after the wedding of Elizabeth and Darcy. It extensively quotes the dialog of Jane Austen, and is written from a third person point of view, but telling Darcy’s side of events. Even so, it did not really give me much insight into Darcy’s thoughts and feelings. What there was, was very repetitive. It made him almost self-deprecatory in a way that doesn’t fit his character in my mind. It was also lacking the suspense that Jane Austen created by keeping Darcy somewhat an enigma. If you want the story simply retold from Darcy’s point of view, then great, but there is no elaboration at all, or development of character, which I think makes it rather dull. It certainly didn’t offer any original insights or scenes.

Still, I gave it three stars. There was nothing objectionable or too out of character, time, or place. I did note some inconsistency in the use of the word inquiry / enquiry. Over all, I thought the author did a pretty good job of staying in the style of Jane Austen. But it’s not a book I would reread.


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