Santa Clawed

Santa Clawed (Mrs. Murphy, #17)Santa Clawed by Rita Mae Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 It’s cute, it’s cozy, it’s Christmas. Actions of the animals are not really believable, and the mystery is easily figured out before the end. Nothing too taxing on the brain at a busy time of year! This is one of those series that I have fallen behind on, and plan to start over from the beginning. Not really great books, but if you like corgis and cats being heroes and other talking animals, and are in the mood for fluff, it has enough mystery and quirky characters to be entertaining.

Book Description: As Harry well knows, there’s hardly a place on earth cozier than Crozet, Virginia, at Christmastime. Snowflakes, carolers, it’s all picture-perfect until Harry and her husband, Fair, find the tree they’ve chosen grimly decorated with a corpse. The tree farm is run by the Brothers of Love, a semimonastic organization whose members live atop the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. Now, as the season grows merrier, a murderer is growing bolder. One by one, prominent men of Crozet are being crossed off Christmas shopping lists and added to the morgue. And if Harry and her four-legged helpers aren’t very good–and very careful–this Christmas will be her last.

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