Happy New Year 2017

Every year, starting as early as November, I try and set out my reading goals for the coming year. My overall total is always 48 books, but that doesn’t stop me from setting out grand pyramid goals, which if I actually completed them, would require reading well over 100 books. And every year I choose some sort of unique “theme.” There was the year I read books related to Moby Dick in some way. The _____ Wife titles. And titles with birds in them. Last year it ended up being non-fictions books about the Plantagenets because that’s what I chose to present as part of a reader’s advisory panel at the Minnesota Library Association annual conference. I hadn’t planned to participate, but volunteers were short, so I came up with a topic and stepped in. Naturally these themes don’t go away after a year. New books keep coming out, and I keep adding to those lists. I’ll never read all the Wife titles on my To Be Read (TBR) shelf!

2017 might be the year I play catch up. Catch up on books I’ve started and stopped for whatever reasons, series I want to continue, books that have been on my TBR shelf the longest. And now, all the books on the Plantagenets that I wanted to read and didn’t get to. My overall goal was not even close for 2016. I managed 36 books, and 7 of those were rereads of Rita Mae Brown’s Mrs. Murphy mysteries which I did not review here.

So here is my pyramid for 2017 – I do allow books to count in more than one column, so my overall goal is still only 48 books…

12 books: Started, never finished (these will all overlap)

11 books: Historical fiction (can overlap, but not including Walter Scott nominees, below)

10 books: Daytimer’s Book Club (this is a group I manage through the library and I pick all the titles we will read. We meet monthly, but I’ve already read two of the titles – that’s why it’s 10…)

9 books: Next in series to read (but not including Mrs. Murphy rereads)

8 books: Newest TBR (Library books currently checked out, and any that catch my eye this year and add…)

7 books: Oldest TBR

6 books: Mrs. Murphy rereads

5 books: Walter Scott nominees

4 books: Medieval non-fiction

3 books: Leftovers from previous themes

2 books: Black Lives Matter (this is sort of a mini-theme for the Daytimer’s Book Club this year, so this is expanding on that theme and not including Daytimer’s books)

1 book: Understanding Politics, or “How the Hell did Donald Trump get elected” (not something I want to read, but I feel I should)

Wish me luck! I’ve created a separate page, which I will try and remember to update as I finish my books.

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